There was really no contest when a group of intrepid students kitted up last week to tackle the weed Genista (a.k.a Broom) in the Urana Road bush.

Working with Ranger Mick, students made short work of the invasive weed which is a threat in native bush reserves in Albury’s Environmental lands.

Broom produces large amounts of seed and can form dense thickets. It alters soil chemistry to reduce the growth of native plants, eventually out-competing native shrubs and ground flora and altering the ecosystem. It can change the landscape of native bushlands, providing harbour for pest animals and reducing the food resources available for native fauna.

So, a big Thank You to Indie College students for your efforts removing this woody weed from along a high conservation value section of Urana Road, Lavington.

Parklands is grateful to Albury City Council for their financial contribution towards these regular park stewardship sessions across Albury’s environmental areas.

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