Setting out along Lemke Rd to work this week, Parklands Rangers were confronted with rising floodwaters on all sides. Water eventually blocked Lemke Rd and has covered the paddocks between Lemke Rd and the Murray.

As the photos below show, the Bhutanese Community Farm – which has already been isolated for several weeks by floodwater – is now completely covered. We can only hope the infrastructure so laboriously created by the community remains intact beneath the waters.

A great deal of our Parklands ‘workplace’ is under water; the tracks and trails we manage, the bush restoration sites we are working on. Rangers are spending the down-time catching up on paperwork and taking photos for our records.

A swag of great photos by Dan Jones are available on our Facebook page.

On the bright side, this is how ‘rich river flats’ are all created, and how our iconic River Red gums replenish themselves for the next decades of dry feet. All part of the cycle!

We look foward to working with the community on the cleanup to come, when the waters recede. All offers of assistance most welcome; please contact Community Ranger Ant Packer at to be part of a cleanup crew.

In the meantime, please don’t enter floodwaters in a vehicle or on foot, and be very careful when walking near floodwaters; displaced snakes are currently abundant and understandably upset!

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