This morning we are glad to see Early Nancys flowering in the bush parks. Known as the ‘harbingers of spring’, these delightful tiny lilies alert us to the unfolding of a new season – a little something to lighten the heart on this our first day of Stage 3 restrictions here in NE Vic.

If you’re not up for a long daily hike, here is a much more focused challenge to see you through the next 6 weeks of ‘Iso’. Head out with your phone or camera to one of the beautiful local bush parks, sit on a rock for a minute or two and have a good look; up, down and around. What will you see flowering in the same area over the next 6 weeks?

Above, look out for the flowers of the different species of mistletoe and eucalypt. Below, the tiny lilies and orchids, which may only be there for a day or so. Around, the ground level wildflowers and the taller shrubs, of featuring wattles early on. Then of course there are winter fungi still going, and the mosses that have so appreciated this winter’s ample rain.

Here we are in week 1, and in one small patch (in fact only one square metre) of bush we found Early Nancy Wurmbea dioica, Yellow Star Parudia vaginata and some beautiful moss and lichen.

Check out our bush parks here and choose your patch. We’d love to hear what you find – with a photo please! 



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