Volunteers Sheldon Smith and Bob Eisentrout, working with ranger David Saxton, today removed invading weeds to reveal a secret pocket of remnant bush near Noreuil Park.

In a small corner where Bungambrawartha creek meets the Murray river, the trio hand cut and pulled weeds like Morning Glory, ivy, privet and blackberry to clear access to the river.

They worked surrounded by wrens and other small native birds, busy in this lovely piece of remnant bush. Not many are so priviledged! 

Parklands encourages community stewardship of Albury-Wodonga’s unique network of environmental lands. Community groups and residents interested in ‘on ground’ work or enabling recreational activities on Parklands managed lands are welcome to contact us to discuss options. Any works on Parklands-managed lands require written permission. Please contact us at info@parklands-alburywodonga.org.au

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