Shining a light on rare orchids and bats.

For the past three year, Rangers have been undertaking restoration work at two sites of the rare Diuris oaklands, an orchid that is only found at a handful of sites around Oaklands and Urana.  Through a partnership with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, a number of Parklands volunteers have done casual work alongside Parklands Rangers to create open spaces to protect this recently found orchid from extinction.

Murray Local Land Services have worked closely with the Oaklands Country Womens Association to raise community awareness of this unique species and to hopefully have community members identify this at other sites in the region.  As part of this campaign, the Oaklands CWA have built a sculpture of a larger than life orchid in a tea cup.

Whilst camping at the Urana Caravan Park, the team chanced upon a spot lighting evening with the Australian Bat Society and some of the bat “mums” who care for injured bats. For more information, check out their website.


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