Parklands staff are loving Leneva as our new home base.

Over the past eight weeks, Parklands staff have cleared out our old Lemke Rd site, disposing of years of collected materials and shuttling gear to our new depot site at Leneva. As much as possible was recycled and rehomed to avoid wastage.

Simultaneously, the new site on Beechworth Road was being prepared, with a substantial clean-up, new perimeter fencing and security additions, and reconnection of water to the old school facilities.

Thanks to our new partners – the Federation of Wodonga Government Schools, Wodonga Senior Secondary College and the Leneva Hall Committee, a transformation is in progress at the old Leneva School site.

With plans to restore the natural environment, reinstate facilities and develop interactive nature trails and other nature-based activities, WSSC students, Leneva community members and Parklands staff have already achieved a mountain of work. Clearing up old abandoned projects and neglected facilities, renewing fencing, clearing trails, treating weeds, wipper-snippering and mowing have set the stage to reinvigorate the site.

We look forward to supporting a new era of hands-on cultural, environmental and outdoor learning opportunities for the whole community from our new home base.

If you would like to know more, have ideas for the site you would like to discuss, or just want to get involved, please contact us at or message us on Facebook.

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