Here at Parklands, we find rainy days perfect for tidying up around the office and depot.

Sorting, stacking and recycling planting apparatus is an annual task, with different pieces going in different directions.

Hiko trays are stacked and returned for re-use by our nursery suppliers.

We always keep a stock of other black poly items on hand to make sorting and allocating plants for different sites easier in planting season, but every few years we find we have far too many for our own use.

This year our stockpile of forestry tubes, tubs and trays were delivered to the volunteer run Our Native Garden nursery at the Wodonga Waste Transfer Station, so that they can be put to use again, propagating the 2022 plants.

These days almost every planting related item can be recycled. Local re-use is a great option, and we are very pleased to be part of this circular exchange with our local nurseries.


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