Spring always invigorates and many feel that urge to clean up, be it our homes, our workshops or our back yards. The majority extend that urge to care for the place we live to respecting our broader environs – our streets, our parks and our conservation reserves.

Not so for some near Bonegilla, who last week saw fit to dump their rubbish near the popular High Country Rail Trail and drive away. A few more kilometres would have taken their load to the waste transfer station, where sorted loads and recyclable goods are accepted for free.

To find domestic rubbish dumped in a conservation reserve feels like a real insult to us all, especially when so many have benefitted from the beauty and healing powers of exercising in nature during 2020 lockdowns.

Thank you to the Bonegilla Rail Trail Advisory Group members for identifying this dump and taking action, organising a neighbour to remove the rubbish.

If you would like to be more active in caring for the parks and reserves you enjoy regularly, Parklands would welcome local help. This is the first spring / summer in over two decades where many of our volunteer partner organisations are unable to volunteer due to Covid19 restrictions.  This includes the weekly rubbish runs to keep our popular waterways and swimming holes safe and clean. 

Parklands can supply reusable Clean Up Australia hessian bags for anyone happy to help with regular monitoring and rubbish removal from their favourite reserve or swimming hole.  Please contact us on 60 236 714, or info@parklands-alburywodonga.org.au

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