No matter which way you look at it, the Squirrel Glider is amazing.

It’s a tiny possum that can fly for 40 metres in the air, just with the skin joining their front and hind feet.

Squirrel Gliders live their entire life in trees, rarely coming to the ground. During the day they sleep in the hollows mostly found in 100+ year old gum trees. During the night they feast on insects and plants.

Squirrel gliders are in danger. Farming, forestry and suburbs have used up and broken up their Eucalypt woodland habitat. The old trees with hollows have been used for firewood; trees are no longer close enough for them to glide from tree to tree; they are hunted on the ground by foxes and cats; they are caught in barbed wire and die slowly hanging on fences.

In northern Albury and Thurgoona, a housing boom is underway. The number of humans will increase by 500% in the next 2-3 decades. This will mean a massive increase in concrete, traffic, noise, and cats, putting local wildlife including Squirrel Gliders under even more threat.

The Albury Conservation Company has plans to make, install and monitor nest boxes in backyards, small hobby farms, and reserves around Thurgoona. As well, they plan to map and ‘re-leaf’ glider habitat, planting the hollows of the future. This will involve local residents in the fight against wildlife extinction.

The Company is calling for public support for their Squirrel Glider projects, and have launched a campaign with Edge Pledge to fund several Glider projects in the Thurgoona area. Parklands urge you to pledge your support with these ambitious and worthy projects, to stop the slide of the Squirrel Glider towards extinction.

Help Thurgoona’s Squirrel Gliders by visiting Edge Pledge and becoming an ‘Extinction Fighter’ and completing a challenge, or by pledging money to someone who is. Albury Conservation Company is a proud partner of Edge Pledge in 2016. Go to

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