Within the last 12 months both Parklands and the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network have instigated projects to support Squirrel Gliders in Wodonga, with remarkable results.

With support from the Victorian Government’s Threatened Species Initiative, Parklands installed 100 nestboxes in West Wodonga. The last of these were installed along Felltimber Creek only two months ago.

Meanwhile, a Wodonga Urban Landcare project has been mapping nestboxes in Wodonga and running field days to show community members how to monitor boxes in their local reserves. People can then become part of an ongoing monitoring program through the citizen science platform the Atlas of Living Australia.

Early this week Parklands rangers lead one of these Field Days and checked the new boxes on Felltimber creek. To the delight of Field Day participants, the first box contained a beautiful pair of gliders happily ensconced. They had made a very neat nest of gum-leaves to make their new home warm and comfortable.

This is a remarkably quick occupation in our experience and shows the need amongst the glider population. Sometimes all of the conditions are right for gliders but they just don’t have anywhere suitable to live. These gliders would occupy tree hollows in a natural bush setting, but we humans have removed most of the old hollow-bearing trees over the years.

Our thanks to the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning for their support for these two projects – it has paid dividends almost instantly!

If you would like to get involved with monitoring boxes, please contact come along to one of the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network’s upcoming Field Days or contact us on info@parklands-alburywodonga.org.au

Parklands encourages community stewardship of Albury-Wodonga’s unique network of environmental lands. Community groups and residents interested in ‘on ground’ work or enabling recreational activities on Parklands managed lands are welcome to contact us to discuss options. Any works on Parklands-managed lands require written permission. Please contact us at info@parklands-alburywodonga.org.au

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