Daily walkers and nature lovers Ed and Robin Sochacki recently reported a horrible find of approximately 30 European wasp nests along the Gateway Island walking track.

European wasps build large communal nests, either underground or in cavities in walls, ceilings, logs or trees. They are normally only visible as a small entrance hole. The nests are made from chewed wood fibre.

The wasps seem to be particularly busy and bad-tempered at this time of year – a real hazard to people trying to enjoy nature, especially in urban areas. 

Parklands rangers have suffered the consequences of disturbing these nests before, so Ed and Robin’s donation of a new beekeepers suit this week is much appreciated.

The suit gives total protection from insects, meaning Rangers can now approach the nests with confidence. It will be put to good use treating the nests on Gateway Island.

Many thanks to Ed and Robin for this generous and thoughtful donation. 


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