Recently Parklands staff and volunteers have been working on improving the habitat values of Corry’s Wood, including planting to support mature Blakely’s Red Gums behind the new housing estate.

These magnificent trees are a familiar species in the Thurgoona area and the backbone of the grassy woodland environment. They will soon begin their flowering season, providing food for nectar-feeding birds and many insects at a critical breeding time for many species. Their hollows also provide breeding sites and refuges for birds, mammals and reptiles in the area.

Thank you to Job Centre volunteers Tara, Stella and Dillon for their help planting understorey species around these trees. These will enhance the habitat and support the small birds that help control ‘lerps’ on many Eucalypt species.

Thank you to Murray Valley Centre volunteers, who have partnered with Parklands Albury Wodonga for 15 years, for their assistance to spread all these mulch piles.

Parklands Albury Wodonga is grateful for financial support from Albury City Council over the past two decades to work with volunteers restoring a host of environmental lands, environmental corridors and quality roadsides.

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