A big thank you to Jenny Clark who is retiring and moving east after many years with project partner, Murray Valley Centre.

The Murray Valley Centre disAbility team has been volunteering with Parklands Albury Wodonga every Monday since 2006, apart from the usual holiday periods and public holidays.

For much of these 15 years, Jenny has been navigating her way in a large bus to some of the remotest parts of Albury Wodonga to undertake all manner of park maintenance and enhancement projects.

Thousands of timber bollards, seats, tables and decks have been repeatedly oiled to ensure their durability. Hundreds of wheelbarrows of mulch have been transported and spread on revegetation sites. Tree guards and tree stakes of all forms, shapes and sizes have been meticulously removed from roadsides, parks, conservation reserves. And then there are the thousands of wheelbarrows of concrete that have been capably mixed and installed into fence strainer post holes, chicane pedestrian gates, bollard holes, sign post holes… the list of activities and locations seems endless!

There seems to be no job or site that overwhelms our magnificent MVC team.

Thank you Jenny for your passion, patience, persistence and sense of humour as we learn to “expect the unexpected” and grow the skills, confidence and capacity of this much valued disAbility volunteer team. On behalf of people and planet – thank you!

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