Members of the Parklands Board of Directors were thrilled to inspect the newly restored Dry Forest Creek Trestle bridge on the High County Rail Trail between Old Tallangatta and Darbyshire this week. This 70 metre long bridge had deteriorated since the railway line was closed in the 1980’s.  Two girder and pylon sections had collapsed, requiring much lateral thinking to safely undertake the restoration works on the bridge.

The restoration work has been painstakingly undertaken by volunteers and contractors using funds raised by the Tallangatta Rail Trail Advisory Group, including a successful ‘Pick My Project’ bid in 2018.

On this regular ‘Parklands Board Tour’, members receive a guided tour in different regional landscapes to observe the works Parklands supports local communities to achieve. Board members also visited a number of other bridges on the Rail Trail that have been restored by local volunteers.

In recent years, the local community has invested $397,776 worth of time in fencing, weed control, felling and milling timber locally to restore five historic trestle bridges and establish low level crossings around another six water crossings.

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