June is #LoveWalking month according to the latest Victoria Walks newsletter, and we thought we would get on board, given the great network of walking trails we have in our region!

Parklands manage dozens of trails in some of the most biodiverse bush parks of the region, providing opportunities for walkers, trail runners and cyclists to experience a variety of landscapes and connect with nature from rivers to hilltops. You can sample some great examples of our walks, like the Boardwalks and Bridges Bandiana or the Swainsona Wander, on Walking Maps.com

The majority of our trails are unpaved natural surfaces that reflect the nature they traverse, interspersed with boardwalks to minimise traffic damage in wetlands areas. Our most recent boardwalk installations along the Kiewa wetlands trail at Chapples Rd are worth checking out.

The creation of trails and especially boardwalks is an ongoing project across our parks – one that is achieved with combined power of local businesses support and ‘can do’ volunteers.

The local Men’s Sheds often nut out the solutions to tricky sites for us and turn out boardwalks for every situation, while on-ground volunteers help with fencing, installing gates and boardwalks, keeping the trails weed free and providing ‘eyes on the ground’ for issues such as fallen trees or breached fences. Next time you’re out for a walk, take note of the achievements of community people power in our regional parks!

Our challenge for regional walkers in this #LoveWalking month is to step out of your usual circuit and walk a different trail every time. To get you set for that challenge, you can find all of our parks and trail maps on the Parklands website. And don’t forget a photo and post with #LoveWalking.

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